Balance ‘If It Fits Your Macros,’ or the IIFYM diet as it’s colloquially known, may be your best bet for sustainable and healthy living. Often, there’s a balancing act between a healthy lifestyle and one filled with enriching experiences. Even though the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, for a lot of people, it’s one or the other. But if you stick to the IIFYM diet, you’ll strike that ever elusive balance. IIFYM promises a fulfilled and balanced lifestyle while maintaining a healthy and fit body. But as with any health regimen, to get the full value, you should familiarize yourself with some basics.Read More →

In Case You Missed It Human growth hormone, or HGH as it’s colloquially known, is nothing new. But over the years, the public, medical community, and athletes alike have paid more and more attention to the substance. So what are the HGH benefits that have everyone so interested? Increasing research and a better understanding are undoubtedly responsible for the increased attention. Human growth hormone – like any substance with a sliver of medicinal promise – has all the hallmarks of a crowd favorite. The Claims One such advantage is the body’s natural production of the substance. Supplement manufacturers and sellers alike frequently cite this factRead More →

Why Do We Stretch? For most, stretching is something that comes with the territory. If you’re about to lift, you get a stretch in, and off you go. You’ve always done it. But why do we stretch? Surely, it’s not because “well, everyone’s doing it”? Maybe, as part of your sign up, your gym offered personal trainer “evaluation” and they told you to stretch. Even better, your workout partner bestowed their wisdom on you and urged you to stretch your hamstrings before squatting. But you’re past the taking advice, you want to know for yourself. You’ve become serious about exercising and want to take itRead More →

Are Muscle Growth Supplements The Answer? Bigger, faster, leaner, stronger. We’re always looking to squeeze out an edge. So if muscle growth supplements present a better way to achieve that goal, why not take them? That’s the very premise of nearly every supplement on the market. Purportedly, they provide an advantage; accelerated weight loss and bigger gains. They’re here to make things easy. Naturally, it’s not surprising that most will wholeheartedly buy into the promises. Unfortunately, a lot of people do so without getting to know the product or how and if it actually works. After all, the supplement industry is notoriously unregulated. As a result,Read More →

Some Background Fitness doesn’t stop at the gym and strength is more than the number on the squat rack. We’ve always recognized the value of exercise. Whether at the gym, on the court, or through our favorite sports and recreational activities, people understood the physical benefits of exercise. Recently, we took it a step further. There’s been a tidal wave of all things health, so much so that it’s become an obsession. There’s always a new diet, a boutique gym, or a specialty health food store catering to whomever is ready to “improve” their life. Naturally, getting carried away is easy. While our evolving healthRead More →

Some Background Bodybuilders worship the post workout meal. In fact, the meal is an institution all by itself and it’s a part of every lifter’s diet. Hordes of bodybuilders swear by this magical timeframe as the foundation of a proper weightlifting regimen. The post workout meal – meticulously consumed within 30 minutes after your workout – even has a special name, it’s the “anabolic window of opportunity.” Sound grandiose, right? Bestowed with such a title, you’d think that this particular meal trumps all other meals. And you’d be right. After all, a properly timed post workout meal purportedly diminishes soreness and fatigue, replenishes glycogen levels,Read More →

How Did We Get Here? Once you get into it, it’s easy to get carried away. Fitness is unique in this respect. As soon as you see your hard work bear fruit, you don’t dread exercise, you embrace it. Countless gym goers, bodybuilders, and athletes alike have experienced the mental shift. But as we become less exercise averse and indulge in our newfound love for exercise, we begin to get carried away. When we see the progress; we shift from lazy and guilt-inducing inactivity to wholeheartedly pursuing all things fitness. When we exhibit such zeal, is it any surprise we overtrain? But how harmful isRead More →

The Keto Craze Diets are no different from other trends. In fact, they operate on a similar time scale, they’re almost seasonal. There’s always a new diet that promises amazing results through a new method. In recent memory, there’s Atkins, paleo, low carb, and high fat. There’s no shortage. At a certain point, the diets become buzzwords and the Ketogenic diet is no different. What’s different about this trend? Unlike other low-carbohydrate diets, the Keto diet limits carbohydrate intake to an extreme level, less than 50 grams per day (or 5% of one’s calorie intake). Conversely, traditional low-carbohydrate diets have specific carbohydrate thresholds, well aboveRead More →

Some Background Is there a more misconstrued concept in all of broscience than muscle memory? Most imagine muscle memory works this way; as you stop exercising, you lose your size and strength, but because you already had it, you regain it faster the second time around. It gets even murkier when wondering how long it takes to lose muscle, or how fast the recovery usually is. So how far off base is the broscience? It’s Relative “Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.” That’s the dictionary definition. However, that’sRead More →

How Did We Get Here? As populations continue to grow, so does the increased demand for food. Fortunately, GMOs have evolved and kept pace. Even though food engineering isn’t at the vanguard of technological innovation, it’s no less important. Humans have been – to some degree – modifying their food for thousands of years. Modification has made it possible to grow food with certain traits. Now, it’s easier to feed the growing populations while devoting less space to agriculture. Beyond utility and necessity, selective breeding has made it possible to alter foods for appearance, size, taste, and most importantly, climate adaptability. The latter enabling constantRead More →