The Benefits of Doing Pull Ups Pull ups are at the very foundation of the “body weight exercise” pyramid. They are a tried and tested indicator of your true strength and endurance. When you take away the unnecessary gym equipment, the multiple machines seemingly doing the same thing – with too many bells and whistles – you’re left with the most proven form of resistance, your body. Personally, pull ups are what I dread the most. The pull up bar is a great indicator of any change in body composition, whether it’s body fat or strength. Gain a little of the former, or lose a justRead More →

Too Many Choices There’s a newfound emphasis on protein. More and more, the macronutrient is recommended as part of every diet, whether for adding muscle, losing weight, and maintaining good health. As a result, there are more protein products to choose from. You can choose between whey, casein, plant based, “organic,” coffee infused, hydrolyzed, isolate… and those are just the powders. Whole food derived sources are just as plentiful, with a recent emphasis on plant based protein illuminating just how many options we have. Setting up your diet may look daunting when there are so many choices But don’t fret, setting up your meal planRead More →

The Supplement Industry As of 2016, the supplement industry was worth over $121.6 billion dollars. With a such a staggering figure, one might wonder how the industry got so massive. After giving it a moment’s thought, a couple idea’s spring to mind. The simplest explanation? Supplements offer a shortcut. Depending on the pill, you’re sold a quick fix solution to almost any problem. Overweight? Here’s a fat burner. Irregular digestion? Have a gummy bear. Tired for the gym? Take a pre-workout. But when walking through your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe it’s easy to forget that there’s a natural solution to most of your healthRead More →

What Is A Food Coma? Holidays, your birthday, or any joyous time you spent celebrating life’s cherished moments, you probably spent with friends at a table filled to the brim with food. Better yet, other times you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion, you indulged right at dinner. Whether you ate a little too much on Thanksgiving or last night, an inevitable drowsiness set in and your post meal festivities got postponed. It’s happened often enough that the phenomenon has its own special name in pop-culture. Science calls it “postprandial somnolence,” but the rest of us call it itis, dinner dip, or by farRead More →

How Protein Helps the Body If you’ve ever had a fitness goal, you’ve probably upped your protein intake. It’s the right thing to do, protein is the all-important nutrient responsible for cell growth and repair. It’s the staple in every fitness enthusiast’s diet and at the foundation of any bodybuilder’s meal plan. Protein is the go-to nutrient health conscious people try to get more of. Over the years protein has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. Manufacturers ensure that their products are packed with protein. Protein content is displayed on the nutrition label, and lately, more and more brands include it an attention-grabbing manner on theRead More →

What Is High Intensity Interval Training? High intensity interval training is a cardiovascular workout consisting of short intense bursts. Lasting anywhere between 15 and 90 seconds, training is accompanied by brief in-between rest periods. Recently, HIIT workouts became a popular alternative to the decried and derided steady state cardio marathons you subject yourself to after a weekend binge. To the contrary, HIIT workouts take up less time and deliver the same, if not better, results. But brevity isn’t HIIT’s only benefit! For most, it’s the promise of the holy grail, concurrent fat loss, and muscle gain. Trying to convince you of its benefits, HIIT evangelistsRead More →

Some Background IF, as it’s colloquially known, is a healthy alternative to the age-old and ill-fated diet. The fasting method has recently gained popularity amongst celebrities, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike. While close to 99% of dieters regain the fat they lose on their health sabbatical, intermittent fasting provides a long term balanced and sustainable alternative. Jimmy Kimmel attributed his 25-pound loss to the alternative diet plan, while Terry Crews swears by the regimen’s efficacy in helping him attain low body fat, and maintain muscle mass. If you’re aiming for a lean physique while enjoying some of your favorite foods along the way, intermittent fastingRead More →